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Cocoonababy® and Cocoonacover 1.0 tog Bundle


Suitable from newborn to approximately three months, the Cocoonababy can be used as a daytime lounger to help ease transition from mummy’s tummy to the outside world. Plus, it can aid baby’s development too!

Welcoming baby gently into the world, the Cocoonababy offers baby a comforting, reassuring, womb-like surrounding through it’s slightly inclined, semi-foetal cushioning.

Importantly, it can also help limit the onset of some of the most common adaptation difficulties that can upset babies during their first months including reflux, colic and waking with a start, as well as improving the overall quality of their relaxation time.

Designed with health care professionals and used by thousands of parents worldwide, this safe, lightweight and portable cocoon can be used room-to-room or popped in the car to take out when visiting family or friends near or far.

The Cocoonababy® foam is protected by two removable, breathable and washable covers: A waterproof protective cover, and a fitted cotton sheet. The Cocoonacover™ is designed exclusively for the Cocoonababy®. Its intuitive use makes it ideal for covering and uncovering baby without disturbing him. Its specific shape and fastening ensure that baby’s mouth and nose remain uncovered. The Fleur de Coton® Cocoonacover is machine washable at 30 °

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